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6 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Whether you’re just entering a new relationship or already in a long-term relationship, you

want the relationship to work well and be healthy.

But what does a healthy relationship look like? We’ve listed 6 signs of a healthy relationship:


One of the main foundations of a relationship is trust, which entails honesty and

vulnerability. Meaning that you know that they won’t cheat on you, that your boundaries will

be respected, that there are no secrets, that you feel safe in their presence, and that you

won’t be physically or emotionally hurt.


You should feel comfortable having both light-hearted and serious conversations with your partner. This means that you should both be open and honest when talking and also be a willing listener. Sometimes there may be concerns or disagreements within relationships and being able to address those issues respectfully with your partner through communication is an important skill. One tip for making sure that you and your partner are communicating is to have emotional/relationship check-ins. As an example, having a weekly or monthly conversation to see how each person feels about the relationship and if there are any concerns that you or your partner want to bring up.

Agree to disagree:

Being in a relationship with someone else doesn’t mean that you have to agree with every opinion they have. It’s okay to disagree with your partner here and there, but the important thing is to make sure that you do it politely and respectfully. There shouldn’t be judgment towards the other person as that can create resentment and anxiety about sharing

opinions in the future.

Physical Intimacy:

Even though sex isn’t the end all or be all of a relationship, it is one of the many important factors in a relationship. Being able to discuss and fulfill both partners’ sexual needs and wants can help improve the relationship both emotionally and physically. Physical intimacy can also refer to non-sexual acts such as kissing, hugging, and cuddling. No matter the type of intimacy, physically connecting and bonding with your partner helps keep your relationship healthy.

Time Apart:

Spending time together is important in a relationship, but spending time apart is

just as important. Too much time spent together may build into co-dependency or being too reliant on the other person. Having personal space and time, away from your partner allows

both of you to work on yourselves and build relationships with other people around you (e.g., family and friends).

Feeling happy and supported:

Overall, both you and your partner should be happy and enjoy each other’s company and support. The beginning of the relationship is referred to as the honeymoon phase where everything seems perfect and happy, but once the phase ends, there may be some ups and downs (which is normal). Just make sure that you are still happy and still enjoy being with your partner.

Healthy couple


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