Individual Therapy

As Couples Therapists, we are often asked, “Do you also provide therapy for individuals?” The answer is “YES!”  So many of our clients are having trouble in their relationships, it is only fitting that they talk to a couples therapist who will be able to look at their situations in the context of their relationships. We will explore how relationships (all your relationships –including to yourself, family, friends, colleagues, etc) have helped shape who you are today. Together, we can then start creating healthier ways to relate to others in your life.


We also provide counselling services to individuals who need support in areas that are not relationship based.  Individual psychotherapy is an opportunity to meet one-on-one with one of our therapists to reflect on past experiences, to look at current behaviors and to plan for future goals. Our therapists focus on relationships as well as issues of anxiety, depression, trauma, anger management, life transitions, and self esteem.  Sessions are available online anywhere in Ontario, and in office in Georgetown.

Walk and Talk Therapy for Individual Clients

Are you an individual client that wants to try therapy whilst walking?  Click here for more info.

Individual Therapy can Help With:

  •  difficulties with communication and emotional expression in relationships

  •  wanting to find better ways to relate to others

  •  working through life’s transitions (such as becoming a parent, new illness, or retirement)

  •  coping with grief and loss

  •  improving self-esteem

  •  depression

  •  anxiety 

  •  stress management

  •  personal insight

  •  post-trauma difficulties

  •  learning to regulate emotions

  •  lessen feelings of isolation

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