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Couples Therapy in Georgetown, ON

What is Couples Therapy?


Few things in life are as painful as a dysfunctional or toxic relationship.  It’s sad to see how long many couples suffer in these situations believing that there’s no help, or that they’ve tried everything. Whether there’s been one damaging event in your relationship, such as an affair, managing in your newly blended family or your difficulties have grown over time, Couples Therapy Centre can help.

Every relationship goes through ups and down, and it is common for couples to experience a loss of closeness when they are struggling.  Relationship distress is similar to climbing a mountain. Sometimes the challenges can feel painful and unbearable. Counselling can give couples the courage and motivation to keep climbing and make it to the top.   


Whilst it may feel overwhelming, making a choice to seek couples counselling is an important step towards positive change in a relationship. Counselling can be helpful for all stages in a relationship.  For example, couples therapy can help new couples develop the capacity to recover quickly from their difficulties and be aware of their interaction pattern.  It can help established couples strengthen their bond and connection; or it can restore trust and security for couples in deep distress.


It is important that you and your partner find a therapist with whom you both feel comfortable with. This plays an important role in the change process, and is considered equally or more important as the counselling technique itself.

























What is the Couples Therapy & Marriage Counselling Process?


All our couples therapists integrate research-based interventions based on the steps and stages of Emotionally Focused Therapy.  Your services with Couples Therapy Centre will begin with a thorough assessment of your couple relationship. 

A joint session is followed by individual interviews with each partner whereby each partner provides information about themselves and their relationship.  We then resume joint sessions for the remainder of our work together, provided couples therapy is safe and appropriate.


The frequency of sessions is preferably weekly or biweekly to start, but we can be flexible to accommodate your schedule.

Emotionally Focused Therapy research indicates that the average number of counselling sessions to be about 12-20. 

However, every relationship is unique and for some couples, only a few sessions might be needed.  Whilst for others, a longer process is required.   


Couples therapy and marriage counselling sessions focus on helping couples learn their negative communication cycle, and replace the negative cycle with positive interactions.  Therapists aim to help clients gain a better understanding of themselves and their partner so their relationship can weather the ups and downs whilst feeling safely connected to one another.


There are three main stages, and nine steps in the Emotionally Focused Therapy approach:

De-escalation stage:

  • Identify the couples’ key issues.

  • Identify how these issues are expressed in negative patterns of interaction.

  • Identify the fears and negative emotions underlying the negative interaction patterns.

  • Reframe the issues as unmet attachment and emotional needs.

Changing Interaction Patterns Stage:

  • Identify each individual’s disowned attachment style and emotional needs.

  • Teach couple to express acceptance and compassion for each other’s attachment and emotional needs.

  • Teach couple to express their attachment and emotional needs to restructure patterns of interaction and promote bonding.

Consolidation and Integration Stage:

  • Teach couple new ways to communicate about old issues, and develop new solutions to them.

  • Teach couple how to use the skills gained during therapy but outside of the therapy room.

You, as the client, don't have to be aware of these steps or stages.  Our counsellors are skilled at guiding sessions and taking an active role in the process.  Couples therapy in Georgetown can help you to develop the skills to overcome your difficulties. We will help you find the root causes of your relationship issues, uncover and express painful emotions, and provide support and guidance to help resolve them.

How can a Couples Therapist in Georgetown help?

At the start of our work together, we ask each partner questions about their experience of the relationship.  We listen with our hearts and our heads, offering validation in a space that is non-judgemental and empathic.  We try to understand where each partner is coming from, where their hurts originate, how they try to meet unfulfilled needs, and how they cope with their pain.  Each partner can start to understand the unintended effects of their behaviour on the other and take responsibility for the pain they may have caused.


Over the course of several couples therapy sessions, this step by step process leads to a reduction in conflict (de-escalation).  Couples we work with feel and express empathy for themselves and one another. They gain trust, emotional safety, and feel a secure bond in their relationship.

When partners feel loved, they feel that they belong and are valued to the other person.  They are secure in the knowledge that their partner will be there for them when they need them. This security creates a physical and emotional attachment to another one. 

How to Get Started with
Couples Therapy

You can book online anytime or email us with your questions here.

We may be busy with clients, but will usually respond within 3 days. 

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