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Self esteem therapy in Georgetown ontario for individuals and teens

Self Esteem Therapy in Georgetown, ON


You cannot always be perfect in every aspect but how you perceive yourself when you are less than perfect can define your self-esteem.  Self-esteem can fluctuate throughout life as we are constantly growing and changing. However, a negative view of yourself can decrease your self-esteem which, in turn, can have a significant impact on your life.

What is Self Esteem?


Self esteem is how you evaluate your overall personal worth or the value you hold in yourself. It is one aspect of your self-concept, which is a general term for how you see yourself. Having positive self-esteem can influence your overall perception of self, increasing your mental health, motivation, and self-worth.

How do I Know if I Have Low Self Esteem?


Low self-esteem can impact the way you engage with yourself, and your relationship with others.


You may:

  • Find it hard to accept compliments

  • Have trouble saying no and setting boundaries

  • Focus on your weaknesses rather than your strengths

  • Believe that others are better than you

  • Fear you will be a failure

  • Struggle with confidence in yourself

  • You often find yourself feeling judged or comparing yourself to others 

Having low self-esteem can affect your relationship with others in many ways, including:

  • You may be overly invested and involved in close relationships

  • You seek self-worth and emotional stability from others

  • You can be demanding and mistrustful

  • Regulating mood and being autonomous is difficult

  • You may find yourself putting the needs of others before your own

  • You may fear that you would be an inconvenience or a burden to others

  • You may be prone to feeling easily rejected or hurt

What Causes Low Self Esteem?

Some factors that can cause low self-esteem include:

  • Disapproving parents

  • Parents who were preoccupied or uninvolved 

  • Bullying

  • Trauma

  • Abusive relationships

  • Perfectionistic thinking

  • Difficult life events such as illness or loss

  • Conflict with parents/guardians

  • Influence of social media


Causes of low self-esteem are not limited to the list above. Self-esteem issues usually stem from childhood but can occur at any stage in life from a negative experience. If not acknowledged and treated, low self-esteem can lead to forming unhealthy habits and forming mental and physical health issues such as depression, anxiety, and more. Seeking a therapist can help you recognize the signs of low self-esteem and get you the help you need. 


Is it Selfish to Think Highly of Yourself?


It is not selfish to think highly of yourself, if this means knowing your self-worth and believing in yourself.  There is a difference between having high self-esteem and being inconsiderate of others.

How Can Couples Therapy Centre help Improve my Self-Esteem?

Couples Therapy Centre has multiple experienced therapists who can help you improve your self esteem by helping you:

  • Understand where your low self esteem stems from

  • Examine your relationships and their impact on your self-esteem

  • Regulate your mood and reactivity

  • Encourage positive healthy relationships

  • Set healthy boundaries

  • Become more aware of and process emotions 

  • Forgive and be compassionate to yourself

  • Prioritize your needs 

  • Learn strategies to be more assertive with others

  • Challenge false negative beliefs you hold about yourself

  • Recognize your many strengths

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