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Covered by Most Insurance Plans

Affordable Psychotherapy for Couples and Individuals

Accessible Therapy for Everyone

Affordable Therapy in Georgetown On

Our Affordable Therapy program caters to couples and individuals who lack health insurance coverage or have insufficient mental health benefits under their existing insurance plans.


These clients face financial constraints that prevent them from accessing therapy at prevailing standard rates, which typically range between $150 and $200 per session.

Our mission at Couples Therapy Centre has always been centered around the principle of making therapy accessible to all. We aim to offer an affordable alternative to those who cannot afford the full cost of therapy or lack insurance coverage. We are committed to upholding our affordable therapy program.

With our prompt service, clients can connect with therapists in as little as 12 hours, ensuring timely access to the care they require.

Benefits of Affordable Therapy

At Couples Therapy Centre, our Clinical Interns undergo rigorous training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples before embarking on their placements. We are dedicated to ensuring the highest standard of care for our clients, which is why we prioritize thorough preparation and take our work with couples seriously.

Online counselling
Sitting on Couch

Our Affordable Therapy Services offer lower session rates from mature Clinical Interns currently completing the practicum component of their Master's program while they receive close supervision from highly experienced therapists.

Flexible appointments during daytime, evening, and weekends to accommodate varying schedules.


With no current waitlist, we prioritize quick access to treatment for our clients.


They bring enthusiasm and dedication to the counselling process.


In-person and virtual services provide convenient access for individuals and couples seeking support.

Therapy session

There's hope.


Explore the availability of professional assistance at significantly reduced rates.

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