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Loving Couple

Fast-track your Healing with

Intensive Couples Therapy 

Personalized 3-Day Program for Relationship Transformation


Covered by most insurance Plans

3 Day Intensives for Couples
in Georgetown On

Is your relationship facing a crisis, such as infidelity, communication breakdown, or a significant life event? 

  • Do you need to address your relationship problems immediately?

  • Do you feel like you need a lot of help with your relationship?

  • Not sure if  traditional weekly therapy sessions is right for you?

  • Is your relationship in crisis and you need urgent help?


Look no further than our 3-day intensives for couples.


With our 3-day program, you can save valuable time while addressing the issues that matter most to your relationship. Say goodbye to months or even years of weekly therapy sessions.


Our condensed format allows you to dive deeply into your relationship dynamics and work intensively on specific concerns within a shorter timeframe.

3 Day Intensives with Joseanne Spiteri


During the three-day intensive therapy, it will be just you and your partner working with Joseanne Spiteri, who is a trained and experienced psychotherapist specializing in couples. This is not a group session, so you will have the entire time and attention focused solely on your relationship and its challenges.

Is the 3 Day Intensive for Couples Right for you?

Efficiency: It offers a concentrated and focused approach to address and resolve relationship issues within a shorter timeframe.

Intensive Exploration: It allows for deep exploration of relationship dynamics and underlying issues, providing an opportunity for significant breakthroughs.

Immediate Support: Couples can receive immediate support and guidance, minimizing the time between sessions and providing continuous assistance.

Intensified Communication: The intensive format encourages open and honest communication, allowing couples to address concerns, improve understanding, and learn effective communication skills.

Accelerated Progress: Couples can make rapid progress in a short period, as the condensed format provides intensive interventions and strategies to implement in real-time.

Immersive Experience: By dedicating several consecutive days solely to therapy, couples can immerse themselves in the process and fully commit to their relationship's growth and healing.

Crisis Resolution: Couples facing severe challenges or crises may opt for intensive therapy to quickly address and manage the immediate issues and stabilize their relationship.

Time Efficiency: For busy couples with limited availability, a 3-day intensive therapy allows them to address relationship concerns without needing to commit to regular weekly sessions over an extended period.

Renewed Connection: It provides an opportunity for couples to reconnect, rekindle their emotional bond, and rediscover their love and commitment to each other.

Proactive Approach: Couples may choose intensive therapy as a proactive step to strengthen their relationship, enhance communication, and prevent potential future conflicts.


Couples Therapy


Discover the benefits of our 3-Day Intensive couples therapy and embark on a journey to a stronger and happier relationship.

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