Family Therapy

We all desire to feel close and connected to our family members.  Your family may be experiencing high conflict where there is an abundance of hostility and blame between family members. Both parents and their children may feel that they are not getting the respect required to maintain a healthy relationship.  Sometimes, relationships are dismantled altogether and family members are completely shutting each other out.

Parents often get stuck in negative patterns with their children (of any age), where their responses are reactive in nature, and often counterproductive.  When engaging in family therapy, you will begin to understand the negative cycles blocking closeness in your family.  This is more helpful than simply assigning blame.


Our therapists can help create new patterns of healthier, positive interactions where you all feel connected, validated, heard, and understood.   Family therapy can help parents improve their listening skills, so they can pay close attention to their children's emotions and needs.  We help  equip parents with more emotional resources and regulation skills.  This is important as, in family therapy, the majority of the work falls on the parents.  We also support children to take emotional risks to help them feel emotionally connected with their parents.   

When family members feel more connected to one another, they are able to engage in healthier family discussions. Each member can discuss their feelings and concerns safely and individual relationships withing the family begin to heal. The family emerges from family therapy having learned skills that foster secure, happy, and loving relationships.

Family Therapy can Help:

  • families who are feeling stuck in their relationships with their children or parents

  • build trust, safety, bonding, and accessibility in families

  • help each family member communicate their needs

  • repair family ruptures