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Therapy In Milton, ON

Find a Therapist in Milton That Best
Suits Your Needs and Goals

Nestled among the municipalities of Halton Region, Milton stands out with its distinctive shape that forms borders with not just one, two, or three, but six vibrant communities. This uniqueness is rooted in its history, as Milton's contemporary boundaries were crafted in 1974, drawing from the rich heritage of Nassagaweya Township, the Town of Milton, and segments of Esquesing, Trafalgar, and Nelson townships.

Milton proudly embraces its ethnically diverse population, reflecting a tapestry of cultures that enrich the community. As evidenced by the 2021 census, prominent ethnic groups include Pakistani, comprising 12.2% of the population, followed by English (11.1%), Indian (10.7%), Scottish (9.1%), and Irish (9%). Notably, Milton stands as a microcosm of global connections, with half of its immigrant population tracing their origins to Pakistan, India, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, or Egypt.


Welcome to Couples Therapy Centre, your partner in healing for Milton residents. Whether your goal is to enhance your relationship or address challenges like anxiety, depression, perfectionism, self-esteem, grief, or anger, we're here to support you. Our expertise lies in nurturing relationships, catering to couples, while also extending empathetic assistance to individuals on their journey towards healing and a more enriching life. Additionally, we extend our comprehensive counselling services to families and children/teens.

The dedicated counsellors at Couples Therapy Centre provide a safe and non-judgmental environment where diversity is celebrated. We understand the importance of finding a therapist who understands and connects with you. With a diverse team of therapists, we're better equipped to serve our diverse clientele. Our therapists represent various races, ethnicities, cultures, ages, and genders, bringing a wealth of professional and personal experiences to the table.

Our therapists boast extensive experience in working with diverse communities, offering culturally sensitive guidance and support. We recognize the uniqueness of each individual, valuing their ethnicity, race, and cultural background as integral parts of their identity. The process of finding the right therapist can be challenging, and we are dedicated to understanding, acknowledging, and respecting each client's distinct needs. This approach allows us to build deep connections, fostering empathy and tailoring our methods to suit individual requirements.

If you're on the lookout for a therapist in Milton, Couples Therapy Centre provides a spectrum of therapeutic methods, available through in-person, online, and telephone sessions. Take advantage of our free consultations with any of our therapists. We firmly believe that finding the perfect therapist is paramount to your healing journey.

Reach out to us today to arrange a complimentary 20-minute consultation.

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Couples Therapy

Our therapists are relationship specialists.  We work with couples to help you and your partner develop the skills necessary to overcome your relationship difficulties. We will help you find the root causes of your relationship issues, uncover and express painful emotions, and provide support and guidance to help resolve them.

Individual Therapy

Individual counselling is an opportunity to meet one-on-one with one of our therapists to reflect on past experiences, to look at current behaviors and develop a plan to meet future goals. Our therapists focus on relationships as well as symptoms and difficult behaviors related to concerns such as anxiety, depression, trauma, anger management, life transitions, and self esteem.

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Family Therapy

We offer counselling to family members so they can feel more connected to one another, and are able to engage in healthier family discussions. The family therapist can help each member  share their feelings and concerns safely so that individual relationships within the family can begin to heal. The family emerges from family therapy having learned skills that foster secure, happy, and loving relationships.

Child/Teen Therapy

Our experienced and fully trained therapists are pleased to offer professional support for children and teens to help them flourish.  At Couples Therapy Centre, we work with the child/teen to help them think through and process the problems that they are experiencing, at a rate that they are comfortable with.  Therapy gives them time to explore their thoughts and feelings and helps them better understand their situation. It can help them cope with their emotions and enable them to make positive choices in their lives. 

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Direction to Office

Our office is located minutes away from Milton and centrally located in Georgetown.

From the 401, take Trafalgar north. Turn right on Steeles and left on Ninth Line, which eventually turns into Mountainview Rd.  We are conveniently located in the Carretal Building, 16 Mountainview Rd South, across from Georgetown Marketplace on the third floor.

There is ample free parking. Use the front entrance facing Mountainview Rd, to access the third floor. We are in suite 302. Come on in a grab a hot beverage in our waiting room while you wait for your appointment.

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