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21 Self-Reflection Questions for 2020 and 2021

2020 is a year that we will all remember. Between the pandemic, the outcry of systemic racism, and political upheavals, it's important to also review our accomplishments and some of the good stuff that occurred this past year. Here are some reflections to help you consider all that you've learned in 2020 and how these lessons can help you in 2021. Remember that every lesson that can help us grow and move forward.

Review of 2020

  1. If 2020 were to be summed up in a word, what is your word for 2020?

  2. What was your guiding principle, mantra, or idea through this last year?

  3. Where did 2020 take you (mentally, emotionally, physically, and/or spiritually)?

  4. How did this past year specifically change you? Who are you because of this past year?

  5. What major or unexpected changed happened for you?

  6. What were your biggest accomplishments? What are you most proud of?

  7. Looking back on 2020, what's one thing you could have done less?

  8. What's one thing that you could have done more?

  9. What was your greatest hardship in 2020?

  10. What was your greatest victory?

Forward to 2021

  1. What's one word that embodies this moment?

  2. What is your greatest hope for 2021?

  3. What is your greatest fear for 2021?

  4. What are you currently practicing or working on?

  5. What quality are you reaching for daily?

  6. What will you create this year?

  7. Where do you see 2021 taking you? What type of journey?

  8. What will you do (what will you learn, where will you go) this year?

  9. Choose one thing you feel most called to give/offer.

  10. Pick one quote, prayer, mantra, for this upcoming year.

  11. What is your intention for 2021? Who do you want to be? With whom? How? Why?

Written by an amazing coach, Meadow Devor who can be found here:


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