blended families
Blended Families

Blended Families


Your blended family is just not blending the way you hoped it would. Ex-partners are causing conflict between you and your partner. You may be struggling with your step-children or unsure how to manage the different ways you and your partner discipline.  Your step-kids may be disrespecting you and you may feel like an outsider.  You may also be asking yourself who comes first, you and your partner, or the kids?  Since blending your families, your relationship has likely changed quite a bit and it is not what you expected.  Your blended family is leaving you emotionally drained, leading to increased stress and anxiety.  You love your partner, but had no idea it would be this difficult.


Imagine you and your partner respectfully communicating your point of views and your partnership being stronger than ever. You will be able to work together as a team in a functioning and orderly family system.  Imagine being able to honour each other’s differences while the family functions just the way you hoped it would.  You will be able to solve issues of manners, discipline, prior spouses, co-parenting, visitation, and much more.

Couples Therapy can Help You​:

  • understand your needs and your partner's needs

  • problem-solve effectively and work as a team

  • put you in a place to better support your family 

  • learn how to address resistance or problematic behaviours from your children or step-children

  • help you agree on how to parent the children, schedule routines, and manage finances

  • potentially save you from another costly and painful divorce