Happy Couple

Therapy for Effective Communication in Georgetown, ON

Arguments are not uncommon in most relationships and even have the potential to strengthen the relationship if resolved properly.  However, most couples find themselves caught in a negative cycle where their conflict includes criticism,  defensiveness, silent treatments, or worse.  If you are feeling trapped in these conflict patterns you are likely feeling alone, angry, frustrated and hurt. 


Many arguments often have their seeds in not feeling truly heard by our partners.  Most often, partners begin to make assumptions about how the other is feeling or how they view the relationship.  These assumptions can further break down the relationship.


In your relationship, you may feel like your needs are not being met.  You are feeling helpless and worried that you will  never be able to resolve your problems. You may have even given up trying, and completely burnt out. 


Couples therapy can help teach you how to communicate effectively again in a safe and nonthreatening way.  We can help you learn how to express your wants, needs and concerns with your partner clearly and effectively.  You will be able to have constructive conversations with each other and feel truly heard and understood.   You will be able to manage and solve your relationship problems together as a team.  


Therapy for Effective Communication can Help You:​

  • overcome communication difficulties

  • learn what is blocking good communication

  • learn listening and speaking skills

  • raise issues constructively

  • practice "fighting fairly"

  • learn how to compromise