Discernment Counseling in Georgetown, ON

Thinking About Leaving?

Deciding whether to stay in your marriage can be a very painful and lonely experience.  Most often, divorce is not a mutual decision and you alone have the burden of deciding whether to stay or go.  You have likely thought about leaving before but you are at a point now where you’ve had enough.  Things cannot go on like this, not for your partner, not for anyone.  You feel alone and depleted.  You’ve tried so hard to make things better but are left feeling even more hopeless.  You feel like you’ve already checked out of the relationship and staying makes you feel like an imposter. You desperately want your life to be different, but divorce?  That’s such a big step.  Perhaps you’ve already told your partner, but it only made things worse. You need an unbiased person to help you work through your emotions and explain your feelings and thoughts to your spouse.

Or is it Your Partner that Wants Out?

You just had the rug pulled out from under you.  You knew your relationship had problems, but doesn’t every relationship?  Now your partner tells you he/she wants to leave.  You thought you two were in this together, forever.  You’ve done everything to keep the relationship together.  And what about the rest of the family?  How could the person you trusted more than anyone in the world tell you they’re not in love with you anymore?  Or that they want to divorce? You feel so betrayed and let down. You are incredibly sad, hurt, angry and confused.  You’re not sure how to respond right now.  You’re showing anger or you may be begging for another chance.  You may also be acting cold or completely withdrawn. 

Your relationship is on the brink.  You will come in as a couple but we will also work within our individual sessions.  Why? Because you are starting out in different places.  No matter the reason for discernment counseling, you will both be treated with compassion and respect.  We will not be taking sides. 


Discernment Counseling can Help You​:

  • become more clear and confident in a direction for your marriage  

  • provide you with a clear agenda for personal change 

  • gain a greater understanding of what has happened to the marriage

  • learn how you and your partner contributed to the problems

  • work on changing negative interaction patterns and restoring the marriage to good health.  This will be useful in your future relationships, even if this one ends.

  • you decide to part ways, couples therapy can help you accomplish this in the most peaceful and amicable way possible.