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Exciting Update: No More GST/HST on 1:1 Psychotherapy Services!

I am delighted to announce some wonderful news to you. Bill C-59 has been granted Royal Assent! This significant bill eliminates the GST/HST on all mental health psychotherapy and counselling services.

How does this impact you? Starting now, all individual psychotherapy and clinical counselling services at Couples Therapy Centre are exempt from GST/HST. This applies to individual therapy, couples therapy, therapy for teenagers, and family therapy sessions.

Advancing in this direction represents a major milestone in enhancing the accessibility and affordability of mental health care for all individuals.

Here at Couples Therapy Centre, we are thrilled about the positive effect this will bring to our community and are happy to share these savings with you.

We appreciate your ongoing trust and support. Feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries or would like to arrange an appointment.


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