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"Building Trust: Overcoming Jealousy for a Secure Love"

Jealousy is an emotion that many people feel in relationships. When you feel jealous, it is your body's natural response to a person that might threaten the connection and trust you have built with your partner. Jealousy is normal but can become damaging to a relationship if it's not addressed. Jealousy can quickly lead to insecurity, mistrust and possibly controlling behavior. There are several steps that can be taken to understand what is causing your jealous feelings:

Find the Root of Your Jealousy. Insecurities cause us to feel upset when we think our relationship is at risk. In therapy or on your own, you may also find that there are deeper roots that cause you to feel jealous, and understanding those issues may help you manage your jealous tendencies. 

Communicate Openly. If you sit down and talk with your partner about how you think and feel when you experience jealousy, you both can get a better understanding of your experiences. Understanding each other's feelings and point of views can help both parties see issues that can be corrected, and behaviors that need to be adjusted in order to feel more secure in your relationship.

Avoid Confrontation and Accusations. When you feel jealousy boiling up inside you, it's so important to try and avoid confronting your partner with accusations since it often escalates and is not a healthy form of communicating. Instead, try to find a little peace, practice breathing exercises and then express your feelings in a respectful manner, initiating a non-confrontational conversation. 

Consider Therapy. If jealous feelings continue in a relationship and are becoming a significant issue, it can be really beneficial to seek professional help. Therapists can help you identify the root of the jealousy, but can also help you understand healthier ways to communicate your feelings, concerns, and boundaries. 

Jealousy can be a healthy thing for some couples but in many cases, it can progress depending on the intensity and the way it's expressed.

Listed below are some books for individuals and couples experiencing the negative impacts of jealousy.

If you or your partner are experiencing high levels of jealousy, it may be worth seeking professional help. Reach out to our expert relationship therapists at or call us on 416 949 9878 for your free no obligation consultation.


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