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Mindfulness base counselling for depression, anxiety, emotional regulation, trauma and self awareness.

Build Inner Strength and Resilience

Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy

Believe in yourself, overcome your fears, and embrace the strength within 

Covered by Most Insurance Plans

Free 20 Minute Consultation 

Do you find yourself trapped in the grip of anxiety, weighed down by depression, or  overwhelmed by the burden of stress?

  • Are you finding it difficult to be present in the moment or feel weighed down by the demands of daily life?

  • Are persistent thoughts and worries consuming your mind, hindering your ability to fully engage in life?

  • Do you find yourself struggling to navigate the overwhelming waves of your emotions?


Rakan Elkhalafawi (Registered Psychotherapist, Qualifying) continues to inspire and guide individuals on their path to self-discovery and inner peace through meditation.  Rakan firmly believes that meditation has the potential to transform lives and is dedicated to helping others unlock the profound benefits that arise from this ancient practice.

Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy

How Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy can Help You:

Stress reduction: Mindfulness-based psychotherapy helps lower stress levels by cultivating present-moment awareness and acceptance.

Emotional regulation: It enhances the ability to observe and accept emotions, leading to better emotional control and understanding.

Anxiety and depression management: Mindfulness-based approaches effectively manage symptoms and prevent relapse.

Self-awareness and reflection: It fosters self-awareness, leading to improved decision-making and personal growth.

Enhanced relationships: Mindfulness-based therapy improves empathy, compassion, and communication skills for more meaningful connections.

Breathing Meditation

There's Hope


Discover a path to embracing and loving yourself,

building inner strength,

and easing your emotional pain.

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