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Change your relationship in just minutes a day with this powerful guided workbook by Joseanne Spiteri

Workbook for Couples Cover

Workbook for Couples: An 11 Week Program

Step by Step Relationship Guidance

Are you and your partner caught in a cycle of repetitive arguments? Do you feel like you're constantly criticizing each other or avoiding important conversations altogether? You're not alone. Many couples face these challenges, often feeling stuck or like they've run out of options. Whether you're dealing with the aftermath of infidelity, adjusting to parenthood, or trying to navigate household responsibilities, there is hope. Taking the step to change how you communicate about these issues is the first crucial step towards building a healthier relationship.

In this "Workbook for Couples," Joseanne Spiteri, a Registered Psychotherapist and Clinical Director/Owner of Couples Therapy Centre, presents a comprehensive program rooted in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). This workbook is designed to help you break free from negative patterns and cultivate deeper connection and more effective communication with your partner.

Inside this 101 page ebook, you'll learn:

•    Understanding Attachment Styles: Explore your attachment styles and how they impact communication, conflict resolution, and emotional connection.
•    Healthy Communication: Develop essential skills for expressing needs, listening empathetically, and navigating conflicts constructively.
•    Understanding Emotions: Gain insight into your own and your partner's emotions, and learn how to communicate and respond effectively.
•    Boosting Emotional Intelligence: Enhance your emotional intelligence both individually and as a couple, learning strategies for managing emotions and building empathy.
•    Intimacy: Rekindle intimacy and connection through vulnerability, trust-building, and other strategies.
•    Forgiveness: Explore the process of forgiveness and healing, fostering empathy and letting go of resentment.
•    Trauma: Address past traumas that may impact your relationship, learning to support each other through healing and growth.

This workbook provides you with:

•    Assessment Tools: Identify areas in your relationship that need attention and gain insight into strengths and areas for growth.
•    Education and Information: Deepen your understanding of healthy relationships through valuable insights on communication, conflict resolution, and intimacy.
•    Quizzes and Exercises: Engage in individual and couple exercises to learn more about yourselves and your relationship.
•    Reflection Prompts: Reflect on your progress and emotions to encourage introspection and self-awareness.
•    Additional Resources: Access supplementary materials including recommended readings and podcasts for further support.

Preview chapter 5 of Workbook for Couples: Unhealthy Communication.

Embark on this journey toward a more fulfilling relationship by investing in your connection with your partner. With this workbook's guidance, you'll discover new pathways to intimacy, understanding, and lasting love.

Workbook for Couples: An 11 Week Program that Gives you Step by Step Relationship Guidance
Change your relationship in just minutes a day with this powerful guided workbook.

Workbook for Couples: An 11 Week Step by Step Relationship Guide

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About the Author:
Joseanne Spiteri is a Registered Psychotherapist and Clinical Director/Owner of Couples Therapy Centre, based in Georgetown, Ontario. With nearly two decades of experience in the therapy profession, she specializes in helping individuals and couples overcome challenges and achieve their relationship goals. Joseanne holds a Master's degree in Counselling Psychology and is dedicated to providing compassionate, client-centered care to her clients. She leads a team of skilled therapists, ensuring the highest level of support for every couple that seeks guidance for their relationship.

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