Couple's Feet in Bed


Sex Therapy in Georgetown, ON


Sex matters in relationships. Today, more and more individuals and couples are struggling to make sense of sexual issues in their personal relationships. Often, they are not getting what they want from each other and this build-up can make it very difficult to talk about.

A couple's sexual relationship is often the first to suffer when a couple's emotional needs are not met.  Also, there are many factors that could have a significant impact on a couple's sex life, including ‘performance anxiety’ in men, illness, surgery, addictions, bereavement, trauma, abuse, the arrival of children, an ‘affair’, or infertility. 

At Couples Therapy Centre, we offer sex therapy for couples in Georgetown who need support. Sex therapy involves taking a thorough sexual history, referring to medical practitioners when needed, teaching about sexuality and relationships, addressing relationship issues, identifying and changing patterns of sexual behaviour and providing take home assignments.  Many clients report an increase in the frequency of sex and more intimate, satisfying relations after couples and sex therapy.  

We appreciate that some clients in Georgetown may feel shame or embarrassment and that it is difficult to reach out for help, especially around areas of sexuality. Sex therapy is a safe place to talk about intimacy issues in relationships. 

Sex Therapy can Help You: 

  • bring back intimacy and passion in your relationship

  • address sexual desire discrepancies 

  • connecting current difficulties to past sexual abuse and developing healthier skills to help you cope 

  • better understand your sexual needs and/or your partners' sexual needs

  • address problems with arousal or orgasm

  • build your capacity to talk about sexual intimacy in your relationship

  • understand the causes of your erectile dysfunction and build skills to better control your sexual performance.