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Our Services

Affordable Therapy

Affordable psychotherapy provides accessible mental health support for couples and individuals. Couples Therapy Centre offers therapeutic services at reduced costs, allowing individuals to seek professional help without financial strain. This approach aims to prioritize mental well-being, promote healing, and enhance relationships, ensuring that therapy remains a viable option for those with limited financial resources.

Therapy session
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Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a form of counselling aimed at addressing sexual concerns and improving intimacy. Our trained therapists assist individuals or couples in exploring and resolving sexual difficulties, enhancing communication, and promoting healthy sexual functioning. It can encompass various techniques, education, and exercises tailored to specific needs.

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Couples Therapy

Our therapists are relationship specialists.  We work with couples to help you and your partner develop the skills necessary to overcome your relationship difficulties. We will help you find the root causes of your relationship issues, uncover and express painful emotions, and provide support and guidance to help resolve them.

Individual Therapy

Individual counselling is an opportunity to meet one-on-one with one of our therapists to reflect on past experiences, to look at current behaviors and develop a plan to meet future goals. Our therapists focus on relationships as well as symptoms and difficult behaviors related to concerns such as anxiety, depression, trauma, anger management, life transitions, and self esteem.

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Family Therapy

We offer counselling to family members so they can feel more connected to one another, and are able to engage in healthier family discussions. The family therapist can help each member  share their feelings and concerns safely so that individual relationships within the family can begin to heal. The family emerges from family therapy having learned skills that foster secure, happy, and loving relationships.

Teen Therapy

Our experienced and fully trained therapists are pleased to offer professional support for adolescents to help them flourish.  At Couples Therapy Centre, we work with the teen to help them think through and process the problems that they are experiencing, at a rate that they are comfortable with.  Therapy gives them time to explore their thoughts and feelings and helps them better understand their situation. It can help them cope with their emotions and enable them to make positive choices in their lives. 

Male Teenager

8 Week Programs

Our 8-week therapy programs provide personalized one-on-one psychotherapy and psychoeducation to individuals. This program aims to address emotional challenges, improve mental well-being, and enhance self-awareness through therapeutic sessions and educational resources. The program spans eight weeks, offering a comprehensive approach to support individuals in their mental health journey.

Mindfulness Psychotherapy 

Mindfulness-based psychotherapy incorporates mindfulness practices, such as meditation and present-moment awareness, into therapy sessions. It helps individuals develop non-judgmental observation of thoughts and emotions, promoting self-acceptance and resilience. By cultivating mindfulness, it enhances self-awareness and empowers individuals to respond skillfully to life's challenges.

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