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Emotionally focused couples therapy in Georgetown. Offering in person, online therapy to couples, families, teens and individuals
Rakan Elkhalafawi

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

MA (in progress),

Adults, Individuals and Couples

My Story

Services Offered: Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy



Member, College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario

Certificate in Externship in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy 

Therapies Practiced: Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy

Specialization: Relationship Distress, Communication Breakdown, Relationship Anxiety, Relationship Withdrawal, Anxiety, Depression, Healthy Lifestyle, Stress 

Languages Spoken: English and Arabic

Insurance Information: Please check with your insurance provider to see if your benefit plan covers a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) or Registered Psychologist.  Rakan is working under the Clinical Supervision of a Registered Social Worker, and her information will also be provided on his receipts. 

Session Fee: $100/50 min for psychotherapy services, $170/50 min for psychology services

Consultation Offered: Rakan offers a free 15-minute phone or video consultation.

Rakan is currently completing the internship component of the Master of Arts, Counselling Psychology program at Yorkville University. He has also completed the Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples Externship.

Personally Speaking


Are you tired of feeling disconnected and overwhelmed in your relationships? Do you find yourselves caught in a never-ending cycle of arguments that leave you both exhausted? Has the intimacy between you and your partner faded, leaving you yearning for a deeper connection? 

Are persistent thoughts and worries consuming your mind, hindering your ability to fully engage in life? Do you find yourself struggling with overwhelming emotions?  

Amongst other modalities, I integrate Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy into my work with individuals and couples, a unique approach that combines talk therapy with mindfulness practices. By integrating the power of psychotherapy and mindfulness, you can experience remarkable results that not only bring you closer to your loved one but also facilitate personal healing and growth.

Anxiety, that relentless companion that steals away your peace of mind, can be tamed through the practice of mindfulness. By consciously observing your thoughts and sensations without judgment, you gain the power to break free from the grip of anxious thoughts, liberating yourself from the paralyzing cycle of worry and fear.

Depression, that heavy cloak that weighs down your spirit, can be lifted through the transformative nature of mindfulness-based therapy. By reconnecting with the simple joys and beauty of life, you rediscover your zest, allowing sunlight to flood the darkest corners of your heart and rejuvenating your emotional landscape.

In my approach to helping couples, I combine proven techniques from Emotionally Focused Therapy (considered the best type of therapy for couples) and Mindfulness. This combination can help you and your partner develop a better understanding of each other, foster empathy, and build a strong relationship. Through our work together, you'll learn to communicate more effectively, navigate disagreements with grace, and create a secure foundation for your relationship, allowing you to feel safe and connected with your partner once again.


Book today for a free consultation and begin your journey to wellness. I am here to listen and support you every step of the way.



Rakan is currently offering online and in person sessions on Monday and  Wednesday evenings and Saturdays 9-2. 

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