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Relationship distress can seriously challenge every part of your life, including your kids, work, and family, as well as your social and alone time.  At Couples Therapy Centre, we firmly believe that relationships are best supported by therapists who specialize and have expertise in couples work. 


Too many relationships are unintentionally hurt by well-meaning counsellors who do not have training in couples counselling.  A couples therapist will focus not just on one individual and their needs and problems.  Instead their focus is on the relationship and the issues between the two clients that is causing them to reach out for help.  When a couple seeks out counselling, it means they have lost the ability to communicate in a way that leads to solutions to their problems Couples therapists have been trained in understanding the dynamics of a relationship, are able to help couples begin to hear each other again, and can help each partner become less defensive of their position.  All our couples therapists and interns have received specialized training in the Emotionally Focused Therapy approach for working with couples.  

It’s vital that you feel confident in your therapist’s ability to help you.  You also need to find someone that is a good fit for you.  This means you trust and feel comfortable with him/her. 


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